Learn about the philosophy and story of how KGM came to be.


How It All Started

Established in 1985, KGM Architectural Lighting provides lighting design services to a multitude of market sectors worldwide. Headquartered in El Segundo, California, KGM also has offices in New York, and Atlanta. 

Below: From left to right, Martin van Koolbergen, Mike Gehring, Dave McCarroll and Dan Weinreber at KGM Headquarters in El Segundo. 

Who We Are

The individuals of KGM define us. We are 40+ people in four cities from all walks of life. We are architects, interior designers, builders, theatrical specialists and lighting geeks. We bring our different skill-sets to the drawing board to solve unique problems as a team. We are passionate about our craft. We are driven. We tailor our solutions exactly to our client’s needs. Most importantly, we listen.

What We Do

KGM’s portfolio covers a broad spectrum from small projects with simple solutions to large projects with complex solutions. Project size does not always dictate the complexity required for success. What remains constant is our attention to detail and listening to our clients’ needs. We work collaboratively to make sure our design is an appropriate fit both aesthetically and financially in a smooth process. 


Our Approach

We are grounded in our design-approach, but we will create something magical if the moment is right. As much as we would love for our lighting to be the focal point of any project, it is our belief it exists as a beautifier. Architectural space is defined by illuminated surfaces. How light interacts with a surface is more important than how the light is created. It should complement the architecture, not steal the show. The design, materials, colors, textures; those are the real stars. Our objective is to help craft a sense of place, a memorable environment, a unique experience, and a place that looks and feels wonderful.